Monday, January 9, 2012

New year!

The bf and I had a very, verrrry busy December ('tis the season to be a musician) followed by two fun-and-family filled weeks celebrating the holidays. We also moved right before the craziness began, so needless to say, we're both ready for a return to routine and "normalcy".

I have a few resolutions that I'm committed to putting into action... They include:

1. Creating/allowing time for me. This includes working out, reading, and overall not over-extending myself (which I am soooo apt to do!)
2. Cook more/grocery shop smarter. I read sooooo many food blogs and never put my inspiration into action. It's healthier, cheaper and yummier!
3. Keep receipts/organize finances. This is a no-brainier, especially as a professional singer and someone who has multiple jobs.
4. Be creative. I like to sew, I like to knit, I looooove to dance, I like photography... And I want to do more of it!
5. Become a better blogger. Let's be honest... I love reading your blogs. I find you all to be clever and inspiring! Still, I often feel that I don't have anything to say.... But I DO! So I'm going to give it ago.

Here we gooooooo!!!


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